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There are a lot of talented people on SLU’s campus. If you are or know someone with awesome talents, register for SLU’s Got Talent. You could win $100 for third place, $150 for second, or $250 for first place. You’ll be helping the Class Legacy Program (CLP) support the Emergency Scholarship Fund:┬ábeing awesome and doing good at the same time!

To register or ask any questions email CLP at Hurry to register because the deadline is in a week: October 12th. Also, check out the Facebook event page here.

If you don’t feel you have any talent make sure to mark you calendars on November 10th 7:00p.m. in the BSC, so you can see your talented, fellow students. It only costs $5 to vote for your favorite talent, and $1 for extra votes.


SLU’s Got Talent
November 10th, Registration Deadline: October 12th
Busch Student Center (BSC): 7:00p.m.
free (vote $5)


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