Submission Guidelines

What is Posted:

SLU Connection primarily posts University-related news, announcements and events, particularly those geared toward current students.  Also posted are service or charitable activities that are sponsored or endorsed by a University department.  We also enjoy posting interviews and biographies for students who stand out from the rest.

What is not Posted:

News, announcements and events that are not related to the University or a University department generally are not posted. Items such as weddings, births, personal items for sale and any solicitations by non-University personnel are not posted.

Items that advocate a particular political opinion or view generally are not posted. This would not preclude announcements of on-campus speakers with political backgrounds, but such announcements should not be used to advocate a political position.

Information about most professional notes, presentations, awards and papers generally are held for posting in Grand Connections, the University newspaper. To submit an item to the Grand Connections editor, e-mail To learn more about Grand Connections, visit the newspaper’s Web site.

Submitting News, Announcements or Events:

At the top of the SLU Connection homepage, there is a “Submit News” link. Simply click the link and complete the online form to submit your information.

Submission deadlines and posting dates:

Unless otherwise requested, most submitted items will be posted both on the SLUConnection News feed and Events Calendar. Most items received prior to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday will be will be posted at least 24 hours from the time of submission.  Some items may be held for a future posting if there is a high volume of submissions.

Campus events also are eligible for placement in the Events Calendar.  To be fair to all news submittors, SLUConnecction generally does not run particular items multiple times or daily without special circumstance. The SLUConnection team is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected or incomplete news suggestions. Holidays, special HTML coding, fact checking and other functions may alter the posting schedule.

Be sure to plan ahead for potential questions. The SLU Connection team recommends submitting your news at least four days before the desired run date so that questions may be addressed in a timely fashion or in case of technological difficulties. The SLU Connection team is not responsible for incomplete, inaccurate or late submissions.

If you are submitting news about an event, please include the time, day, date and location, including specific building and room number (Do not use abbreviations or informal building names.). Please include to whom the event is open. Note that SLU Connection generally does not accept submissions that are for particular colleges or programs only.  Submissions with incomplete information will not be posted.

Information about events that the majority of SLU’s student members are not eligible to attend will not be posted prior to the event. If desired, a recap may be posted within a few days of the event’s end at SLUConnection’s discretion.

To suggest a link for inclusion in your item’s story, include a note in the “Give me the Scoop” area of the submission form. Please note that the SLU Connection team generally does not house documents from other departments within its Web folder. The SLU Connection team recommends that students and organizations post calendars, special images and lengthy information on their own Web sites, to which SLU Connection then can link. To post a document on the Web, please contact your department’s web administrator.

To suggest a photo for inclusion in your item’s story, attach a Jpeg, Tiff or Gif to the submission form. Do not submit photos that are embedded within a text document. If the photo already exists on the web, include the location in your submission. For inclusion, images must be pertinent to the news item. Please allow extra time to process photo requests. Photos will be used at SLU Connection’s discretion.

The SLUConnection team only accepts information via the official suggestion form.  Please allow extra time to process lengthy information or information that requires research, fact checking or special HTML coding.

The University student development department has final discretion to determine SLU Connection content and posting dates.

These are general guidelines. Other conditions may apply

Updated 8/26/2008